Since 2004 aunts&uncles designs honest products with their own character. For keeping the promise of long-time companions, we travelled around the world, always looking for the almost perfect leather.
Thanks to the great support from our retailers, a huge portion self confidence in our ideas and with lots of passion and love for details, together we were able to establish aunts&uncles as a unique brand in the market.

Still amazed by the speed of our success, we are delighted to welcome everybody who is interested in our products and wants to be part of the family.
We are happily looking forward into the future to jointly continuing our family history and developing aunts&uncles to a distinctive premium-brand in the European market. Find the first chapters of our family history here:


We aim to offer high-quality bags and accessories for prices fair to the customer as well as to the manufacturer.
From the small bracelet up to the large suitcase, each of our products is “styles with care”, designed and thought through in our Style Kitchen, based in the Lower Rhine Region.

Along with the pure enthusiasm for casual, authentic and stubborn favourites made of robust and exciting material, we are especially attracted by the symbiosis of tradition and modernity which is reflected in the timeless design of our products.
Practicality and functionality are equally important as a touch of originality – rough edges which make the product to an old friend who tells his very own stories.
In short: bags for life.

Our bags are produced mostly by hand in several medium-sized leather manufactories in India and Italy. Since a humane working atmosphere, social competence and fair payment are our fundamental concerns, we only work with carefully selected manufactories, which are capable of meeting our high standards.

Our leathers are at a high percentage vegetal tanned and strictly dyed with colours that comply with the AZO and other regulations. They are free of CFC, PCB, PCP and formaldehyde and comply with the regulations for chrome VI.